Hitting Home Stories

Hitting Home is about elevating the voices, concerns, and aspirations of Americans who no longer feel like they have a seat at the table in our political discourse.

There’s a reason why most people tune out political campaigns and ads these days: they focus too much on politicians and their flaws, and not enough on the real issues that affect people every day.

The status quo isn’t working. It’s time for a new paradigm: one that puts the voices of people whose lives are impacted by political decisions at the forefront of political campaigns.

Jennica's Story

“Other families with worse insurance or no insurance had to have each procedure explained to them, and make impossible choices about whether their child’s health was worth the cost. I can’t imagine the pain these parents went through, and the guilt they still endure.  I still often think about these families when I look at my healthy 2 ½ year olds and thank God for the ACA.”

Jennica is the mom of Leo, Grace and Maria; triplets born at just 28 weeks, requiring 3 months of hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit. In total, their medical care cost more than $5 million during that time. They are now thriving, healthy three year olds.

Without Obamacare, Jennica’s family would have not only hit the annual insurance limit during her newborns’ hospital stay, but their lifetime limit, all while they were still in the NICU, driving them into bankruptcy or forcing them to choose between lifesaving care for their children and financial considerations.

Her story highlights how the health care debate isn’t about who’s up or who’s down in Washington—it’s about families like hers and what hits home for them.

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Becky's Story

One choice—one bad choice led to another…We lost our two older sons on June 14th of 2015, related to an opioid overdose….I’m here in hopes that their legacy and their tragic deaths will make the difference in the lives of one of you today.”

On June 14th, 2015, Becky—a registered nurse—woke up and found her two oldest sons deceased due to opioid overdoses after they were offered prescription painkillers at a graduation party. Until that tragic moment, Becky and her family had not been aware of the danger posed by prescription opioids in communities like hers.

She has used their story to educate high school students and families in her community, and hit home how the opioid crisis—and one bad decision at a party—can affect families like hers.

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